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Terms and Conditions

In these stipulations, Your Space Living Ltd is referred to as 'company' and the individual signing as 'the client'.

All The stipulations of the arrangement between the company and the Customer are included within the itemised quotation together with the accompanying drawings. Items which are shown in the itemized quotation form part of the Arrangement and will be measured and examined in the manner considered most Suitable by the business. Due to its policy of Constant improvement, The company reserves the right to alter specification and create necessary Modifications without prior notice, provided that such alterations and Alterations don't substantially change the subject matter of the contract. It Is the responsibility of the consumer to be happy with the Information given on the quotation and order that it Meets the customer's requirements. This includes that elevations and Plans are true within an acceptable tolerance along with colours And finishes of the units, carcasses, handles, worktops, appliances and Accessories meet with all the customer demands. Please note that 3D Perspective drawings and colors are artistic impressions just. Additionally no Alteration of Those conditions Will Probably be recognized by The business unless the provider acknowledges in order for writing. Any changes to the design and layout after the order was placed will lead to additional cost to the customer. All of Products used in the construction of this organization's kitchens, bedrooms, Living and study rooms are manufactured to the highest standards, However the company cannot be held responsible for minor gaps. Timber products being of natural living medium are subject to grain and shading difference. Pattern variants. This must be taken into account when purchasing the product. The samples shown in the studio may not Always be Exactly like what Will be set up. No granite May be returned as it Is Made of a Template of the clients own unique measurements. To Ensure accurate setup, expert worktops and splash backs such As Granite, Stone, Corian and Glass are fabricated to templates. Please note that delivery and installation lead times for specialist Substances are subject to timescales. Granite and stone worktops have an Approximate lead time of 7-10 working days. Corian worktops have an Estimated direct time of 10-15 working days. Glass splash backs have an Estimated direct time of 10-15 working days. Worktop fabricators carrying out their templating process, if the Installation service is provided by the company it is the responsible of The installation team to have the units in place and secured ready for templating. Additionally, the Business must ensure that the room is Suitably ready for the fabricator to go about their work. This also The Estimate of the delivery date that the company provides is based on Information given to the business by the manufacturers. The company Cannot be held accountable for the failure of the manufacturers to Stick to the dates that the producers provide to the company. If There's a manufacturing delay, the business will allocate another Available slot, but cannot accept liability for any indirect or direct Loss arising from the wait. The agreed delivery date is planned by the customer, and as a outcome The units need to be saved, the customer may be responsible for a storage Charge per week per project. On Delivery, it's the responsibility of the client to make certain that All furniture and appliances are correctly and securely stored away after Delivery and before installation starts. New furniture Components should not Be stored or installed in damp or freshly plastered space. The Provider Cannot be accountable for any damage or deterioration to furniture Stored under these circumstances nor, for any losses due to theft or vandalism. The Customer will give access to the company's contractor's at all Reasonable times so the company may complete the installation in Compliance with the contract. The customer agrees to permit free usage of any services supplied to the property with the intention of executing the setup. Safety of all substances left on site and partially completed installation Shall be the obligation of the client who shall be liable to the Business of any theft, accidental, negligent or malicious damage. The Customer should be sure they have adequate insurance to cover any reduction Thereby caused.